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Most homes today have garage doors. Homeowners need to know how to maintain their garage doors to ensure safety, protection, and longevity. Good tracks help garage doors run smoothly and stay on track! They help prevent the unwanted scenario of a garage door that is stuck in the half open position or one that is completely off track.

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What's at the Crux?

Changes in garage door tracks have made them longer lasting. Gone are the days of raw steel garage door tracks. Today's tracks are galvinized, protecting it from rust and corrosion and making them more durable. Most problems with door tracks arise because of glitches in other parts of the garage door. If a track needs to be repaired or replaced, it is important to determine if defects in other parts are at the crux of the problem. The friendly and knowledgeable team at here can help you diagnose and correct problems and get your garage door back on track.

Determine Your Type

Being familiar with the type of garage door you have will help to pinpoint problems and identify solutions. Garage door tracks come in a variety of sizes ranging from six to fourteen feet. There are three types of track lifts - standard, vertical, and high lifts. Standard lifts are typically used in residential garage doors while vertical lifts are used for commercial garage doors. High lifts have components of both the standard and vertical lifts. Different problems occur with the various types of garage doors. Once you know what type of door you have it will be that much easier to figure out the problem. When ordering parts, you will need to know the length and radius of your garage door. Don't forget to order the nuts and bolts needed as well. Whether you choose to fix it yourself or replace it, We are here to assist you.

Do it Yourself

In some cases, track supports and mounting can be used to reinforce garage doors and eliminate the need to replace tracks. Angles are a common support tool used to reinforce door tracks. Brackets can also be placed in various places to provide additional support. Once you've identified the problem you will know exactly where these supports need to be placed. More than one angle or mount may be needed to get the job done. Other tools laying around your garage can come in handy, too, when fixing it yourself. A screwdriver, hammer, or monkey wrench can be used for tracks that are bent out of shape and a car jack and two 2x4s can lift a header when jamb's have rotted out. Even a crowbar can be used to straighten out a track that has buckled.

Here to Help

If do it yourself does not get you back on track, our company is just a phone call away. Locally owned and operated, their friendly and knowledgable staff can provide you with personalized solutions to get you on track again.

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