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Occasionally, in the wonderful world of garage doors, it comes time to think about replacing old parts. Springs can wear out, lose torsion or snap, tracks can bend out of shape or rust past rescuing, and even cables can wear down, fray, and break.

And, as the garage door is the gateway to the home, it is essential that all parts remain in tip top shape at all times, so as to prevent injury from the heaviest moving object of the home as well as easy breaking and entering from a cruel-intentioned thief.

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Cable Types

There are several different kinds of cable that can be purchased already assembled. You don't have to do any of the work yourself. Though different companies may offer different assembled cables, some of the most frequent are the Open Loop Cable, the Thimble Cable, the 5/16 inch Spool Cable, the 3/8 inch Spool Cable, and the inch Spool Cable. The open loop cable looks just like it sounds. The cable is cinched, leaving behind a large open loop. The Thimble cable looks similarly to this, but its loop is smaller and has a teardrop shaped metal piece holding it in form. All three of the spool cables are variations of one another. They too are cinched, but instead of a naked loop, there is a metal spool holding the cable into a strong circular shape.

On all of these types of cables, there are stoppers on either end so as to help keep the cable in good balance with the cable drum. On the end with the loop, be that with or without a spool, there is a loose cable stop. On the other end of the cable, there is a tighter crimped cable stop.

Length Needed

When considering what kind of length you will need for your cable--whether you are making your own cables or buying them--you will need to consider both the door and the kind of life your door uses. Vertical and high lift doors usually need longer cables, while standard doors need cables which stretch the height of the door with an added 18 inches on top of that. Keep in mind that that cable length is inclusive of all the bells and whistles: spools, loops, and stops alike. All pieces go in the measurement.


If doing things yourself is something that is important to you, then knock yourself out creating your own cables. It is not difficult at all to purchase the necessary requirements for the project such as the bare cable wire, stop sleeves, oval sleeves, thimbles, and spools. You may be wondering why one might make their own garage door cables. The answer is that there are some variations of garage doors which are more difficult to outfit. This potentially could raise the cost of pre-assembled cable purchase. Making it yourself could be a fun project as well as a money saving project.

Need some help with how to deal with your cable problem? Contact the professionals at our company for information on how to do the job right. Whether you do it yourself or need a professional, their consultation experts have what you need. Contact them today.

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